Genie GS5390RT Refurb

Looking for a Genie GS5390RT Refurb? Check out our Image Gallery below detailing our before and after shots of a Genie GS5390RT getting lots of TLC in our State-of-the-art Refurb Centre.

Project Description

Grange Construction & Roofing gave us their 2004 Genie GS5390RT for refurbishment in September 2017. Scroll through our Image Gallery below to view the process:

Refurbishment Process

All machines are fully ‘Stripped Down’ upon entering our Workshop
Our Qualified Spray Painters go on to ‘Prime’ your machine prior to Re-Spray
A high grade 2 Pak High Gloss Finish coat is applied
As part of our commitment to excellence, our machines are then further examined by our Service Team
Once this is completed, we rebuild your machine to a First Class, Professional Standard
To complete the refurb, we then apply Original Cosmetic and Safety Decals